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Raw Diet For My Dog??? Time To Switch

When is it the right time to switch your dog to raw?

If you are not having any problems with your current food it would not make sense to switch UNLESS you felt that continuing to feed the existing diet was going to cause a problem down the road. Many people that we encourage to switch have the feeling that their existing diet is fine and that switching to raw would be more expensive. That may be true in the short run but all it takes is a serious degenerative disease to rack up an expensive vet bill. It happens every day because we usually convert dogs that are diagnosed with a serious illness to the raw meat diet in hopes of changing the medical condition. Many times we are able to reverse the medical condition but those that wait too long are having less chance of a reversal.

The only time that they seem to be convinced to change are when it happens to them. We do have several customers that research the value of switching and make a change before the illness develops. That is our primary goal-to try and educate them before an illness develops.

I have reported earlier that the time that medical conditions start to develop usually takes 5 to 6 years. It may take the form of allergies, skin rashes, GI disturbances, or more serious conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, or cancer. The most obvious condition is obesity which is due to the continuous ingestion of soluble carbohydrates from grain based diets.

So the message, loud and clear, is to switch your dog’s diet to a more biologically appropriate diet. The faster you make this decision, the faster you will see an improvement in health. The raw meat diet works it’s magic by super charging the immune system to make their protection mechanism stronger. The very best way to improve health is from within the body. The continuous ingestion of any diet that contain elements that are harmful will eventually create a problem. It is the same for human health as well. You can relate this to the way you feel when you eat the right and proper foods. In most cases you feel much better than when you eat the “wrong foods”. The difference is that the dog doesn’t have a choice like we do. We must be prudent guardians and try to feed what is best for the species. A species specific raw meat diet is what they are designed to eat and this would be the most appropriate food to use.

This weekend I had a chance to go bird hunting with a friend of mine that has recently switched his dog to a “BARF DIET” (BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE RAW FOOD). He told me that on a recent trip to South Dakota he was hunting with three other hunters with dogs and his dog was the only one that was able to survive the severe and strenuous pressure of hunting 12 hours a day for three days straight. He said his dog’s stamina has improved by at least 30% since the change to raw. He will never give his dog a different meal since he saw this change. This is just one example of what the diet does.

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  1. Nalini Lasiewicz

    Our dog is 15 and she’s been in very good health. Lately, she’s simply slowing down. Her walk is a bit unstable. She doesn’t want to get as much exercise. She sleeps a lot and seems to be losing some of her hearing. She a lab/chow mix and weighs about 65 lbs. The only complaint in terms of food is that she’s never been easy about dog food. She has always been picky and about the only way she enjoys a meal is if we “spike” it with pieces of meat, table scraps. Only meat though…she never tried veggies or fruits. I’m thinking of introducing raw food to see if she gets some energy and enjoyment back. I know that 15 years is already an advanced age, but honestly I’d love to give her some pleasure in her ‘golden years.’ Is it too late to start?? Thanks SO much. I am fascinated by your website and appreciate all that you do. Nalini, La Canada Flintridge, CA

  2. Carlitta

    I have a serious problem with my dog (Black Lab, 11 years, ~6mo. BARFing) eating WAY too fast and choking on her food, especially chicken backs. I cut them up, yet, when she eats, she seems like she is really in pain, as if maybe there is something lodged in her throat. And she weezes, deeply, from her abdomen.
    It is worrysome, to say the least. Please advise.
    Concerned in Tucson,

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