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Are You Thinking Of Kibble For Your Dog, Think Again

You bought a new puppy and you are excited to raise this new addition with the very best choice of dog food. Your breeder recommended a popular brand of kibble dog food to get you started. You go to the local dog food retail store and it is there that you get confused.

There are hundreds of kibble choices to choose from. In addition the store offers different varieties of protein choices. There are several different varieties to choose from and now you’re confused because the store owner recommended a canned diet for my puppy.

From there you start to read labels. This is making you crazy because you can’t even pronounce some of the ingredients on the label. You have been advised by your breeder to pick a quality premium kibble dog food. Should you use price to analyze whether or not the food is a premium food?

In the end, most consumers end up taking the advice of their breeder or the store owner to pick out a proper food. Many times the advice is based on what a salesman has told the owner. Or maybe the advice came from a knowledgeable employee that thinks he/she knows what to suggest.

Let me first advise you that all kibble diets have the very same problem. They are all heat processed and therefore, no matter what ingredients they use, the live enzymes in the ingredients have been destroyed. So, this is a common error that anyone who buys kibble will make, that is actually buying a “dead food” rather than a live food (one that contains the live enzymes).

I have found that the live enzymes and nutrients that contain phytochemicals are the secret ingredients that make the raw meat diets a much better choice for your dog. A kibble diet can never possess these secret advantages because of the high heat processing. So it really doesn’t matter which kibble you choose, they will all have lost this advantage.

Yes, there will be a significant difference in kibble if the ingredients chosen are of a higher quality and can be utilized quicker in the digestive system. But, they will never be able to compare to the advantages offered by a raw meat diet.

Before choosing to feed your new puppy a heat processed kibble diet- at least check out the advantages of initiating a raw meat diet choice for your new pet. It will make a world of difference to feed your puppy a diet that is designed for his system. We call it a biologically appropriate raw food diet- The BARF DIET.

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