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Persistence Pays Off

Published on November 13, 2008 by in BARF

Every once in a while I receive an e-mail that warrants passing it on. I was sent the following video e-mail from my college roommate. For those that respect and admire persistence – here is a prime example. Our pets provide us with so many important life changing messages and this is one of them. It is really cute but it also provides a real message for all of us. The message I see is “never give up!”.

We have customers that use this same level of persistence to try and find solutions to their dogs health problems or even their own health problems. The solutions to serious health problems can involve a real maze of information. There are so many varying opinions on treatment that it is totally confusing to everyone. Once you involve money into the equation you risk getting opinions that are slanted views. The influence of the major drug companies and the greed that has surfaced in the health care industry shows the problem. It requires persistence to get to the bottom of the problem and decide on a correct course of action.

I have a very close friend that is diagnosed with a serious case of rectal cancer. She is 38 years old and has two teenage children. In the last year she has undergone the conventional treatments which include radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and finally rectal surgery. they were advised that the cancer was eliminated- they got it all!

Everyone was elated that the treatments were successful. Two months later after a routine followup scan they took 10 more biopsies and found that her liver has the same cancer cells in one of the biopsies. Back to the same routine of more chemotherapy , radiation and homeopathic treatments this time. The difference was to try to improve the immune system to give it a chance to heal internally. She is doing reasonably well in spite of all the treatments, the hair loss, the depression of the immune system, and the psychological trauma that goes with all the treatments.


The message here is the persistence that has been involved in making the decisions necessary to follow this course of healing. Her mother is a full time nurse and has a hard time wading through all the possibilities to improving her health. There are always at least two sides to making a major decision. Both sides feel that their way is the best course of action. One side claims that our medical repair system is tainted by greed and fraud and is only trying to treat symptoms. The other side is convinced that the medical advice here in America is the best found anywhere in the world.

  • Has money and greed entered into these recommendations?
  • Are there other less threatening treatments available elsewhere in the world that would work as well or better?
  • Would the cost outlay be far less expensive?
  • Is the medical industry hiding and covering up other treatments that would be less expensive?

This is where the persistence comes into play. If we could all have the persistence that this little dog has- we could sort out the truth and we would all be better off. Enjoy the video- it is worth the look!

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