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What, A $3000 Vet Bill

A typical story we hear everyday:

Last week I took my dog into the vet clinic to have him checked out for a severe skin and allergy condition. What I thought was just going to be a routine examination turned out to be an expensive medical work-up. Unfortunately, the costs of performing the routine examinations and the follow up tests are just as expensive as they are for a human exam. The equipment needed to perform the tests are the same cost and the lab costs to have the tests done are just as expensive. I had given my permission to find out what was causing the problem without asking up front what the cost would be. Now I have a bill that is owed that I will have a problem paying. I sure wish that I would have heard about the BARF DIET before I had all the tests done because since I have been feeding the raw meat diet my dogs symptoms and allergies have gone away. I feel it was a waste of time and money to have subjected my dog to the allergy shots, steroid treatments and lab tests.

These are the type of stories that we hear every week and it reinforces my efforts to promote the diet as a way of treating cures rather than symptoms. If you rebuild the immune system with the raw meat diet, then the internal healing is the best medicine there is. The steroids, antibiotics and topical treatments are merely masking the real beneficial way to heal. The treatment of symptoms is only a short term solution. The real benefit comes from applying a long term therapy like switching the diet to an appropriate species diet. A diet that rebuilds the immune system is the body’s very best defense mechanism. Antibiotics, steroids and vaccines are nasty treatments that tend to breakdown the immune system. Once the protection system is vulnerable then the disease process has a chance to develop. The skin and allergy condition that required the antibiotic, or the steroids may get better in the short term but the damage that results can render further disease possibilities when using these symptomatic treatments as a long term treatment.

The bottom line is that you can buy a lot of food instead of paying expensive lab and vet bills. The allergy condition or skin condition usually takes a few years to develop into a serious condition. It occurs as a result of the continuous ingestion of heat processed, chemically laden, grain based diets. The addition of preservatives, artificial flavor enhancements, chemicals, fat sprays, and who knows what else- it is no wonder that over time the animals body finally says —-” WHOA”. Human nutrition is no different. Continue to abuse the body and eventually it will break down and not function properly. Hopefully you still have time to reverse the trend and correct the nutrition so that the body works efficiently and properly.

Now you have discovered the BARF DIET– let the magic begin! In most cases you will see a difference within 30 days of conversion.

posted by Rob Mueller

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  1. Oh, I am hoping and praying this works for my dog!! She just ate her very first B.A.R.F. chicken patty for breakfast today. This is a Dalmatian/Lab mix who has suffered with horrible ear crud and skin dryness and itching since she was a puppy. She gnawed on one leg to the point where she had a pseudo-tumor which had to be surgically treated. We have been to many vets who had no clue to solve her problems except giving steriods or anti-histamines. My only concern with this food was if she would eat cold food straight from the refrigerator. Well, I guess she answered that question by immediately wolfing down her patty and looking at me for more!! Can anyone tell me what you would do if you have to board your dog at a kennel? Do you think it would be safe to give the kennel the patties and expect them to keep them properly frozen and/or refrigerated depending on how long you would leave your dog there??

  2. Hi Fran
    No worries. Most kennels will honor your desire to feed the dog according to your instructions. You might decide to feed a raw diet that has been freeze-dried. This is another option.

    Hope this helps.

    Rob Mueller

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