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The Secret Of Raw Foods For Dogs

There has to be a secret found in a raw meat diet! Why? Because of the results- that’s why!

For thirty two years I have been advocating the merits of feeding raw. I have sold millions of pounds of raw food diets to zoo and companion pets all over the world. I have always wondered why the diet works so well. It has been a miracle product that has reversed and cured a multitude of diseases and illnesses.

I have witnessed amazing turn-a rounds of many health conditions that were triggered from eating improper foods. But for all these years, I was unable to discover the reason why the diet worked so well. There had to be a secret in the formula that created such a turn- a- round in health! Was it because the kibble diets being used by the consumers were so laced with harmful ingredients? Were the ingredients in the kibble diets that inferior to the raw meat diets? Was the nutrient content so much inferior? Were the ingredients not utilized as much in the kibble diets?

These are all the questions I have pondered over the years. And guess what? All these reasons play a part in discovering the difference. But I discovered a startling difference recently to answer the reason why the raw meat diets work better! The secret is in the food itself. it is a secret that can only be found in a raw meat diet. It will never be found in any brand of kibble no matter what the ingredient panel says.

The secret is the lack of heat processing.

The application of heat in excess of 118 F. will destroy all the living enzymes in the diet. Such a simple secret to good health but if you realize the importance of these little metabolic triggers and can understand that to get these supplied by the food rather than by the body itself, the result is longevity and improved health. We don’t have to rely on the enzyme producing organs to supply the living enzymes that aid in the digestion and metabolism of the body processes. We only have a limited supply of enzymes that the animal’s body can produce. Once this supply is depleted the game is all over.

A newer discovery made

To add more fuel to the discovery, a more recent secret was also found. The additional secret is a term called phytonutrients. These amazing nutrients are key to health secrets that are found in the items that we humans always throw away. They are located in the skins, seeds, pits, and fibrous material in fruits and veggies.

The light went on for me when I realized that these phytonutrients were being added to my formula as whole fruits and veggies. The phytonutrients are the live giving nutrients that trigger an improved immune system which is the main protection mechanism for the body. The secret is simple. Increase the level of phytonutrients and living enzymes and then watch the body recover from a long term misguided course of incorrect feeding habits.

The results of what the BARF DIET ( BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE RAW FOOD) can do is amazing. Consumers that are experiencing the damaging results from feeding a heat processed diet can get help by switching to this way of feeding. To support what I am saying – at least 50% of the customers that we sell to each day are consumers that are experiencing a variety of medical conditions and illnesses with their companion animals.

These are the testimonials that we thrive on when we are able to reverse and cure these different medical conditions. I have watched these reversals for three decades and I am more convinced today than ever that we are promoting a life changing event. For the consumers that are experiencing dogs and cats with conditions with digestion issues, skin and coat problems, allergies, cancers, and obesity I suggest investigating the secret to reversing this trend.

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