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What Pet Owners Need To Know

We hear a lot of industries that make the same statements:

  • What the bankers don’t want you to know about your loan!
  • Learn what your doctor doesn’t want you to know about!
  • Find out what you need to know about nursing homes!
  • And the list goes on and on.

Each industry has situations that are hushed up so that sales can happen. Some situations are more damaging than others. If the facts are potentially damaging to health then I feel it is more important to reveal the truth.

I have been connected to the pet food industry for over 30 years. I consider myself a pioneer in marketing raw food diets to zoos and the general pet trade. Over the years I have seen a lot of changes. In most cases the changes are good changes and they are instituted to improve the health and well being of the companion animals. The significant changes that are happening with the meat products are that more stringent rules are instituted, better quality ingredients are being used, and regulation is getting better against violators of the new standards.

I think you will soon see significant changes regarding dry food ingredients. Labeling laws are changing requiring origins on ingredients. The melamine scare from the Menu Foods recall has really tightened up manufacturing processes. Every company must establish trace back protocol and be able to track where ingredients were purchased and be able to isolate specific date codes in production.

Check The Facts

Another major implementation is the elimination of 4D (DOWNED, DEAD, DISEASED, AND DISABLED) meat ingredients. The implementation of stricter laws and requirements have been needed in this industry.

The one thing that has been lax and needs to be changed is the regulation and enforcement of the laws requiring proper labeling and registration. It is only fair that everyone plays by the same rules and is expected to play the game equally. The regulators are demanding that pet food be processed similar to the standards set up for human production. In the past our pets have been given inferior ingredients. They have been forced to eat diets that are not biologically appropriate for the species. The marketing budgets have allowed the dry food manufacturers to promote food that is inferior in nutritional value and they have convinced the public that dogs are grain eaters.

Now we are seeing the damage that this food has caused in the increases of medical conditions and obesity. A food that contains added chemicals, damaging preservatives, fat sprays, pesticides, and high levels of soluble carbohydrates are a ticket to poor health. It is not a short term problem but it is a long term problem. I suggest that problems normally will start after 5 to 6 years on the heat processed food.

Pet owners need to know these things because there is a way to reverse this pattern. Of course our solution is to convert your dog or cat to our diet (the BARF DIET) which we believe is an appropriate diet for the species. Why haven’t pet owners been advised of these facts? You can lead a horse to water BUT———.

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