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Is Your Dog Dehydrated???

Feeding Kibble Means Constant Dehydration

Let’s talk common sense here and see if we can’t agree that a dog that is being fed a heat processed, grain based diet is in a constant state of dehydration. Why??

Have you observed your dog or cat, after consuming the kibble based diet, going to the water bowl and drinking water voraciously. One needn’t wonder why when you learn that the water content of dry kibble is approximately 10%. To understand the advantages of feeding a water based diet you first have to be convinced that consuming your water in your nutrients is better than drinking water separately.

In order for water to be utilized properly to rehydrate the cells it needs to be tied to electrolytes or to the nutrients in order to hydrate about 90% of the cell. Water that is not tied this way to the nutrient is only able to hydrate approximately 10% of the cell. Consequently, about 90% of the water is thrown into the blood stream and ends up diluting the blood. The result is an extra hard strain on the heart to circulate the blood volume and on the kidney that functions to cleanse the toxins.

If the water is only able to rehydrate 10% of the cells then the result is a constant state of dehydration. Adding water from an external source only pretends to function properly to eliminate the dehydration. This constant dehydration state causes many problems. In cats it may lead to serious urinary problems (FUS)- FELINE URINARY SYNDROME.

I’m most concerned about the ability to properly flush out the toxins in the body and the additional strain that the excess volume of blood has on the long term functions of the various organs. Can this possibly be why dogs and cats fed a water based diet gain extended longevity?

We all know that water is the one nutrient that we can’t live without. We can go without food for a long time but without water the systems shut down and death results. Therefore- isn’t it logical that to gain the best advantage for long term health and wellness for ourselves and our dogs that we consume a nutrient that is of a high water concentration—- The BARF DIET. This diet contains approximately 70% water that is adequately tied to the nutrients to properly rehydrate the internal cells.

To see the difference for yourself, feed your dog kibble for a week and then switch to the raw meat diet, watch your dog after eating, and compare the amount of water they drink after eating the BARF DIET. Hopefully you will see the advantage of hydrating the cells in a proper way.

posted by Rob Mueller

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