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Pet Food Controversy

More than ever before, in the history of this country, have consumers been more aware of the growing need to make health improvements. We are bombarded every day with advertisements for various exercise equipment and supplement advertisements. Proper nutrition is the message being promoted. We are requested to make informed decisions regarding the foods we eat.

Savvy companies that watch the trends have developed and begun marketing low everything foods. Low-fat, low-calorie, low carb, low value, low nutrition foods are introduced each and every week to try and capture market share. They have now created low everything versions of all of our favorite foods. One can’t help but have this new trend carryover onto how we feed our pets.

With the attention we are giving to our own health it is little wonder that new trends have surfaced for feeding our own companion animals as well. Many of the dry kibble manufacturers have developed special formulas for over-weight dogs, older dogs or active dogs- but are they meeting the nutritional requirements for that animal- I suggest not! The evidence is in the increased levels of illnesses and degenerative health conditions that are rampant in the typical vets offices today. Problems such as skin allergies, digestive problems, heart disease and cancers have escalated proportionally to the popularity of feeding dry kibble diets.

It has been a hay day for the last 80 to 100 years, for the dry food manufacturers. They have successfully marketed an inexpensive , by-product of the human food chain and made it a staple of choice for the companion animals. With very little regard for the health interests of the pets, they have profited beyond belief. They have produced a product that has been marketed to the owners as a nutritionally balanced and complete diet. It is a product that is certainly not an appropriate diet of choice for this animal species. Every possible size, shape and color has been designed for the consumer. The only characteristic that your dog is looking for is taste!

Are we led to believe that their diets are nutritionally complete, and a balanced ration for a dog? Are they eating moist whole chicken, tasty cuts of beef, fresh picked grains and real veggies? Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

The truth is that the dry pet food industry only uses ingredients that are not fit for human consumption. That is where we are different. We only use ingredients that are human edible ingredients. The ingredients are all produced from USDA inspected meat plants and are human edible products. The exception is ground bone, it is not normally consumed by humans. We are proud that we have formulated a product that meets the human food standards and is processed under sanitation conditions equal to human processed food.

When I hear someone say that their dog is eating better than we eat, that may be a true statement. Putting the right fuel in the tank is a major reason for improved health and longevity. To learn more about proper choices, food choices that is, you might want to learn about the importance of live enzymes in our raw meat diets. My new book called “Living Enzymes” will shed a new light on the reasons why a raw food diet works and is a better more appropriate food choice for your dog.

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