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Hurricane Ike

My eyes have been glued to the CNN news channel to capture the videos of the devastation caused by Hurricane IKE. Hard to imagine a storm front that is 900 miles wide. The front is as large as the state of Texas and has the potential to wipe out a large percentage of the oil refineries off the coast of Texas. Property destruction is in the billions of dollars and the residents of Houston and surrounding cities are experiencing total devastation. Recorded deaths of at least 4 people have been reported already and many animal deaths will follow. The evacuation process has to be a very traumatic experience. Many residents couldn’t even buy gas to enable them to leave the area. Many had to leave their pets behind in order to save themselves from the wrath of the storm. I can’t imagine the frenzy that must exist in trying to protect your property as well as the decisions that have to be made in a hurry to leave town. What possessions do you take with you? What decisions have to be made to protect other family members and friends? Certainly every resident is unable to leave the area. Many are in nursing homes, hospitals, or are physically unable to leave. Those people are then forced to ride out the storm.

The lessons that have been learned from Katrina will be used to save and rescue a lot of people and pets. The National Guard, the Red Cross and many other such organizations have jumped into action to bring relief to this area. The many volunteers from animal rescue organizations participate equally well to come to the aid of families that need help with their pets welfare. God bless the many organizations that volunteer their time and money to causes like this!

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