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Is Your Dog Dehydrated??? Can Lead To Medical Problems!!!

Is your dog dehydrated??? Why raw is best for your dog.

An animal that lives in a state of constant dehydration may suffer from cystitis and bladder calculi formation, and chronic nephritis (affecting kidney function). I suspect that the many calls we receive regarding kidney and crystal formation problems are resulting from the dehydration conditions caused by feeding heat processed dry kibble. The kibble diets are normally about 10% water compared to a raw meat diet that is about 70% water. There is a major difference between how an animal receives its ability to rehydrate, whether it comes from the water bowl or from the food. Water that is ingested from the nutrients are hydrating about 90% of the cells compared to water from the water bowl that is not tied to nutrients or electrolytes that only hydrate about 10% of the cells.

That means that the animal is in a constant state of dehydration as a result of not getting the water from the food. Can you see how this might affect the functioning of the kidneys and also why crystal formation might happen? An obvious function of hydration is to flush out the toxins from the body. A dehydrated body causes several other problems. The fact that the cells are not hydrated means that the water that is ingested will be deposited into the blood stream. This causes an extra workload on the heart to circulate the blood and also on the kidneys to remove the excess fluid. The overworking of the internal organs in general will significantly shorten the longevity of the animal.

You can observe the difference just by watching your pet consume water after eating a bowl of kibble. Watch an animal that is fed a raw food diet and you will see a major difference in the water that they try to consume. Water is the most needed nutrient in the body. Without water the body cannot function properly. This is why I advocate a raw meat diet and it is the reason why it helps to eliminate a lot of the medical conditions that we see from the ingestion of kibble diets.

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  1. Heather

    I have a question — i have been reading a lot about BARF and was wondering, do you not give your dogs treats when they are on this diet?

    If not, then how do you train? If so, are there certain treats to give them?

    thanks for your help

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