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Dog Food Warnings

Published on August 27, 2008 by in Health

Have you ever wondered what triggered the change in marketing regarding cigarettes? Did you ever wonder why they now list the health warnings on the packages of cigarettes?

These warnings are extremely graphic and anyone reading these warnings would be sure to take heed! Wrong! The average comment I hear is that ” everyone has to die from something”!

When should we expect to see a warning label on the dry food packaging that says_” Research confirms that this product can harm your dog. Warning: This product will predispose your pet to periodontal and other serious diseases.

Eventually, consumer protection and truth in labeling laws will be enforced against the dry pet food producers or anyone else that flagrantly makes false claims and untruths on labels. Until then, the consumer is left in the dark and allowed to believe whatever they see on ads and on dog food labels.

I don’t think that a warning similar to the cigarette warnings, would defer people from buying the brands they have been convinced are safe and nutritious. A few more recalls, and a few more Salmonella scare releases and you might see some governmental action and changes in labeling laws.

Our pets deserve to be fed a diet based on a human standard of quality and produced under standards that are established for human consumption. Our pets are our family members and deserve this improved standard.

posted by Rob Mueller

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