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Dog Water Dehydration


I have reported earlier that water is a critical element in generating optimum health to your pet. Have you ever observed how your pet INHALES water after eating his portion of dry kibble?

  • The message here is the constant state of de-hydration that exists with pets being fed a processed dry food that only contains approximately 10% water.

Most people would say that all you have to do is supply them with a full water bowl of tap water and you alleviate the problem.

Wrong on three counts!

In order for water to be properly absorbed and used to re-hydrate the cells it must have active ions, tied to electrolytes, or bound with nutrients. Just offering tap water or spring water to your pet is not accomplishing the goal of re-hydrating the cells. in fact it offers a stress load on the kidneys, the liver and the heart to flush the added water and toxins from the system.

The very best approach is to supply the body with nutrients that contain an adequate amount of water- such as a raw meat diet. Mother Nature sure knew best when our animals were provided with adequate water intake from their raw meat portions.

Consuming their nutrition requirements and water from a natural source is the very best way to provide and maintain great pet health. Those that do convert to this way of feeding will soon see the difference in how your pet accepts additional water.

The digestive system works better because you haven’t diluted the stomach acids, the kidneys function better by not having to filter the excess water, the liver is better able to detoxify the toxins, and the heart is stressed less because of the reduced volume of fluids to circulate. Talk about a win-win solution- we are the solution!

posted by Rob Mueller

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