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Split Second Decisions

Published on August 25, 2008 by in BARF

Anyone that has been watching the summer olympics can soon relate to the split second advantages that one performer has over the other. Last night the swimming competition with the free style 4 man relay team was an example of this split second advantage. The American teams anchor man swimmer made a miraculous effort to over come the favorite French swimming team. The difference between the win and the loss was within 3 hundreds of a second. Truly an exciting come back effort that shattered all records and gave the American team the gold. Was it luck, or was it determination and practice, and an energy surge created from proper nutrition? Do you think that a body could have reacted this way if it had been fed a diet of the typical American Diet? I would guess not because to respond this way requires food that makes the engine perform at it’s peak performance level.

I would expect the same results for our pets when they are asked to perform in sporting events or asked to compete with their peers. It all boils down to proper nutrition to gain that extra split second advantage. I have personally seen this advantage because I have been working with racing Greyhounds for years. They too are tested and challenged every day to perform to the highest standards. This requires optimum nutrition as part of their winning routine. Guess what their diets consist of? A natural raw meat diet!

posted by Rob Mueller

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