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Published on August 13, 2008 by in Health

Contrarian Viewpoints

Every day it seems that I receive an opportunity to view a newsletter that is taunting the merits of the medical industry in some way or other. Every one of them are advocating their views against the modern medical and drug company tactics and money grabbing policies. They are suggesting that alternative supplements and less radical treatments might be a better solution to cure serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a multiple of other conditions. Each one has their own opinions which makes it real hard to weigh the benefits against the established policies. The main points however, all do point to the same conclusion and that is that the modern pharmaceutical and medical industry has covered up and has hampered the progress of a lot of medical break through products. The newsletters are full of suggestions for alternative treatments that should warrant the exposure to millions of people with ailing conditions. One such treatment that I was exposed to this week claims to eliminate Malaria, HIV and Cancer. Thousands of people that have been treated with MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) and have seen miraculous results from this mineral supplement. The developer has written a book on his efforts to expose the results and successes of this supplement and describes all the road blocks that he has had to incur in trying to make the product available to the masses.

I can relate to his frustration because of the similar efforts that I have expended in trying to promote the raw meat philosophy for the last 32 years. One feels the passion for presenting a product so dynamic in its effectiveness and yet it is hard to get the average consumer to alter the opinions that have been engrained in them by the kibble manufacturers. The internet is by far the very best way to expose the merits of our diet and a sure fire way to promote the virtues and advantages of feeding this way. The most convincing argument for feeding our natural and evolutionary diet comes from the testimonials of our customers. After all, the results are the final proof that keeps us all enthused and motivated. Our company and all our employees have the passion and the commitment to improve the health and well being of all companion pets. The testimonials are the spark plugs that ignite our passion.

posted by Rob Mueller

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  1. Henry Simpson

    Hello. I have a new golden retriever pup arriving next week (exciting!). I had been reading about BARF and natural pet care and had planned to feed my dog this way. I fed my last dog on eukanuba, table scraps and cooked him ‘casseroles’ out of chicken mince, cooked offal, brown rice, veg, eggs, etc. He lived to be 16. Anyway, my vet (who I took my last dog to for years and is a very good vet) strongly advised againstraw feeding. She said she treats dozens of dogs every year who get sick as a result of infections, choking, perforation and that in some cases, she can’t save them. Do you have any experience of dogs getting sick from raw feeding or bones? She gave me ratios to feed my pup (cooked beef/chicken/turkey, cooked pasta or rice, raw grated vegetables) plus a nutritional supplement. I also read a book on natural pet care by Pat Colby (not a BARF book though) which said that there is no need to worm or flea dogs. She said worms can be prevented/treated by putting a copper pipe in the dogs water and fleas can be treated with sulphur. My vet said this is complete rubbish!

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