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Whose Fault Is It When Our Pets Health Fails?

Is Your Pet at the 6 Year Crisis Point?

Are you a healthy senior citizen like me? Are you tired of picking up the phone or getting an email with news of yet another old friend dying or being gravely ill? If so, you’ve probably noticed that there appears to be a relationship between age and certain illnesses. If you’re still young and healthy, then read up! You still have time to change your mind and make the right choices – for both you and your pet!

So many of my good friends that are now retired are being treated for conditions such as prostate surgery, diabetes, heart illness and other degenerative diseases. Sound familiar? Do you believe that just because we’re getting a bit older (that sounds better than “aging”) that our bodies should be riddled with disease? Of course not! You see, the conditions I see in my friends and their pets are a result of a lifetime of misuse and abuse of the body coupled with nutritional deficiencies. Let me say it more plainly: Thousands of people today have spent a lifetime making the wrong choices for what they eat and how they live and the long term results are devastating.

Here’s what I want to make clear – as humans we are given the power to reason and think and choose how to live our lives but our pets are not so lucky! They rely on us as their guardians and as such it is our responsibility to ensure they eat properly and by doing so live a vibrant, long and healthy life. They are just like our own children!

Is your pet at the 6 year crisis point? As I have reported earlier, we begin to see the health of many dogs seriously deteriorate at the 6 year point. What’s amazing to me is that this is exactly what I am seeing at age 65 in the human population. As a human being, if you are overweight and unhealthy as you read this you have no excuse (well maybe you do) for your current condition because you have chosen what to eat and how you live, but why should your pet suffer as well? Don’t get me wrong here – kudos to you out there that are exercising, eating properly and in great shape. Here’s my point – it is a whole lot easier for a dog that has been given the right choices for food, exercise and lifestyle to lead a healthy “retirement life after 6 years” than it is for humans. Dogs aren’t distracted like we are by the television ads, the internet ads and the constant barrage of marketing gimmicks urging us to buy buy buy!

All you have to do today is take responsibility as the guardian of your pet and decide to make the right choices for them – feed them properly and in doing so you will improve the quality and longevity of their lives.

For 32 years, I have advocated the advantages of feeding a natural, wholesome, raw meat diet to our companion animals. Give them the most appropriate diet for their physiological makeup and watch what happens when you do this. We call it the “miracle of living enzymes!” You can extend the 6 year crisis point and give our pets added years of good health. If your pet is a puppy or just a few years old then you have no excuse! Educate yourself, read and learn everything you can about raw food. Remember – you are the one that controls your pet’s health and life. So, whose fault is it when our pets’ health fails? I’m sure you know what to do.

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