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Healthy Pet Food – Have You Crossed the Line Yet?

How do I know that raw, unheated, uncooked, non-irradiated and unprocessed food promotes and generates good health and improves the well being of your pet?

Empirical and scientific evidence has proven this to be true. For the last 32 years I have fed raw foods to my pets, zoo animals and thousands in the animal population with amazing results. What I have also learned is that feeding cooked and processed food can promote disease. My own experience, and the written testimonials of thousands of other raw feeding pet owners substantiates these statements.

Once that you realize that raw food is suited to your pet both anatomically and biochemically, you have crossed the line and have accepted our philosophy of how and why raw feeding improves the general health of your animal.

In future blogs I plan to share with you some of the miraculous testimonials that we receive each week. Over the many years of working in animal nutrition and in the area of raw feeding, we have seen and know that the health of most animals starts to deteriorate around the 5 to 6 year age level after they have been exposed to a continuous grain based diet. The animals body is able to survive and function on grain based diets, however the problem is the matter of nutrient quality and efficiency. This is why so many pet owners don’t begin to see skin and other health deteriorations until their animal is 5 years of age. If you believe that you are what you eat, then paying attention to the physiology of your pet and their ability to utilize nutrients becomes important when you decide what diet to feed.

Feeding a raw food and water rich diet with high nutrient utilization is the key to better health and wellness and the longevity of your pet. Have you crossed the line to improved health for your pet?

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