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Causes Of Cancer In Our Dogs

Cancer is a difficult disease to nail down the specific causes but it is known that genetics play a part as well as chemical inducement. The success from studies that try to manipulate genes to cure cancer has been unsuccessful. But, by simply taking action to eliminate cancer-causing chemicals from the body and the environment will greatly help to eliminate the disease. Cancer results from the accumulation of mutations in genes that regulate cellular proliferation. It’s the chemicals that mutate the genes. When the genes mutate, the body’s immune system can’t keep up with the necessary repairs and the risk of cancer sharply increases. From scientific studies we know that about 70% of gene mutation is environmental. Our diet, lifestyle, and exposure to carcinogens, including chemicals and radiation, can control such environmental gene mutation.

Our pets suffer from the same conditions as we do and the elimination of environmental causes can benefit them also. The exposure to the dangers from preservatives and flavoring agents in processed foods is a good place to start in eliminating their exposure to cancer causing agents. The statistics for the number of cancer deaths in our pet population is alarming and needs to be addressed. Perhaps the conversion to a natural raw meat diet goal that is biologically appropriate for this species is the way to go. We believe so, it is our and total belief in our quest to improve the health and well being of all family pets.

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