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Is Sugar Killing You and Your Dog??

Published on July 17, 2008 by in BARF, Health

I’ve written before about the impact of sugar on our lives and on the life of our dogs but I think it bears repeating because of the danger involved in our daily life. Sugar is a crucial piece of the aging puzzle that will cause cells to be attacked, cause disease, and cause premature aging. Sugar is denatured, devitalized and shouldn’t be consumed at all. Yet Americans, in average, consume 140 to 160 pounds of sugar annually. These are truly empty calories. The typical American diet can easily give you 50 teaspoons per day. This represents more than 800 calories a day or approximately one third of the body’s total daily requirement of food energy. The real danger of this is the affect on the blood sugar level because it affects the insulin level. The final result is the elevation of your stress hormone levels. These in turn causes the inflammatory responders to go into high gear in the body. The end result is fatique that is felt by the so called sugarholics. The impact of a high level of carbohydrates in dry dog food cause the same reaction in our pets. Exposure to high carbohydrate levels day after day result in the same scenario and the result is fatique, and pain. The elevated blood sugar levels contribute to the premature aging of the cells. Reduction of the refined carbohydrates such as sugar will lengthen our life span and the lifespan of our pets. Conversion to a natural raw food diet with low levels of refined carbohydrates is a natural way to improving the health and well being of our pets. Converting to this type of diet will be an important achievement in our journey to longevity and a disease free life.

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