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An Eye Opening Experience

Published on July 15, 2008 by in BARF

This weekend our small village hosted one of the largest old car shows in the country. We have a population of 1200 people and on this weekend our town grows to over 150,000 people. We have one small motel with about 10 rooms. In order to accommodate this many people it has to be a camping experience. What I was particularly interested in was how we planned to feed this many people. Well, it is a sight to behold. We have about 70 service organizations that benefit from this show and they are all able to use their volunteer help to make some money for the different organizations. Our Lions club ends up being the largest contributor to the lions club programs in the state of Wisconsin. All proceeds come from the money generated at this show.

I spent the 3 days observing the people and how they ate at the show. There was food of all description at this event and 90% of it was the exact wrong thing to eat. The non-profit clubs were serving all fried foods of every description and deserts that would be a sin to eat. I looked around at the blatant abuse of eating habits and all the people had smiles on their faces. It is this abuse that causes the heart and obesity problems in this country. Many go from show to show and fair to fair to get the food they know they shouldn’t eat but they do it anyway.

Let’s not do the same thing with our pets. Lets have enough sense to try and feed them a most appropriate raw food diet. They don’t have a choice like we do and that can be an advantage for them. (That is if you choose to feed them the food they are designed to eat.)

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