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Alternative Versus Traditional Treatment (Raw vs Kibble)

There has always been a controversy between using alternative therapies compared to the traditional approach. This is true between Chiropractic medicine and traditional medical treatments. The same controversy exists between the alternative vet and the traditional vet. Alternative medicine uses a wide variety of techniques that are not recognized by the modern vet community. However, this difference in treatment has been accepted and has gained recent popularity. There is an increasing number of patients that are asking about alternative veterinary treatments. The alternative therapies are usually safer and just as effective as many of the modern medicines and medical techniques. Our society in general is becoming more proactive concerning the health care for their animals and they are examining the benefits and side effects of traditional medicine more closely. A look at alternative veterinary medicine is a natural second step.

I’m now comparing the same course of action for many of our customers that have researched and have decided to switch to a raw food diet as a last ditch effort to save their animal or to greatly improve their health and well being. I would guess that at least 50% of our customers have searched the internet and have found our website and have decided to choose to make a difference in their pet’s health. The remarkable results and testimonials are the life blood of our company. The other 50% are people that are making this choice so that they are taking proactive steps to improve the longevity and health of their beloved pet. Unlike humans that have a choice in what we eat – our pets are subjected to the meals we give them in most cases. The controversy exists between feeding a dog out of a bag or can of highly processed food or to switch to a more natural raw food diet approach. The recent pet food recall with Menu Foods was a wake up call for those guardians wanting to provide the very best nutrients for their animals. Their search for better ingredients and less processed foods has lead them to our company. I guess the controversy will always exist for the best way to feed our pets. I have carved a path for our companies philosophy for over 30 years and still find it to be the food of choice for the selected group that want to feed natures finest food. (The BARF DIET).

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  1. Rob,

    How right you are! I arrived at BARF feeding as my precious Louis had colitis – nothing was curing it! We saw instant improvement after the first meal alone. 8 months later, he is brimming with health, vitality and energy. Our rescue was switched to a raw diet right away, since I had been educated through dog #1. I credit raw feeding to saving her life. She was incredibly sickly and the shelter wasn’t expecting her to live.

    Via a raw diet, I began to explore alternative veterinary care and have integrated that approach to the dog’s diets, health care and maintenance – even their training. After seeing their rapid rise to health, I began to incorporate holistic living and medical care into my own life, changed my diet with the help of an alternative nutritionist and I too am enjoying the benefits.

    Our dogs enrich our lives in so many ways – not only do we owe them ideal nutrition, we owe ourselves to take a long hard look at our own diet and lifestyle and aspire to the best, most holistic path – together. After all – dog is man’s best friend for a reason. The more we stick together – the better off we are!

    Oh – and check out our site! Its redesigned with new features and I hope you’ll become active in the social forum, educating members on the benefits of raw feeding!

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