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Miracle Dog And Cat Cures

I subscribe to a Health alert newsletter that is written by Dr. Bruce West. In his recent issue he makes a statement that “most pet diseases are caused by their food”. He also states that most pet food, no matter what the brand or label, is alike. Most mass produced pet foods are made from cooked, low quality ingredients. The processed food is hard to digest, and processing them in the body can produce dermatosis (skin irritation). He goes on to recommend a series of different supplements that can be used to treat a multitude of degenerative conditions. His recommendations are for treating canine enteric, adrenal, dermal, hepatic, immune, musculoskeletal, renal, thyroid, and cardiac conditions. The cats are not left out either – he has an array of feline product supplements as well. An amazing study supported the fact that 94.44% of cats and 91.11% of dog owners and over 93.10% of the vets treating these animals felt that the problems were resolved from the use of the recommended supplements. He claims that the use of phyto-nutrients and glandular extracts are the reasons why the results are so successful. The products are made from all raw food – botanical, bone, glandular, protomorphogen, cytocol, and tissue extract products. In simple terms they are raw concentrates, with each product emphasizing organ(s) gland(s) and /or systems in your pet. When a vet diagnosis is made then one of these products are recommended to relieve the symptoms of the condition.

After reading his article I am more convinced than ever of the growing epidemic of expanded degenerative health conditions in our pets. The cause is the food they are eating and the long term effects from eating the harmful heat processed food. If the animals were fed a more appropriate food, one that was designed for their internal systems then the supplements would not be needed. Dr. West claims that using these supplements will result in the disease conditions melting away! My suggestion is to feed a natural raw meat diet and therefore prevent the conditions from happening in the first place. Be proactive and prevent the problem so you don’t have to try and find a solution. We are the solution!

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