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Change The Diet, Go For The BARF

When I discuss nutrition with a customer that has a health problem with their pet, and I tell them that they can see a remarkable improvement right away- their reaction is usually delight and many times total relief. I advise them to toss out the heat processed, dry kibble and feed a real, live food- a raw meat diet blend that has been proven effective for 32 years. Soon after converting, they see symptoms that they have grown accustomed to or tried in vain to dispel with antibiotics and steroids-improve dramatically. Many conditions such as skin irritations, dull and lack- lustered coats, bad breath and digestive problems, even lethargy and lack of appetite can be alleviated by making the change. At least half the calls I take each day refer to conditions that can be simply corrected by making a decision to change their diets to a more appropriate one. Feeding your pet from a can or a bag is quick and easy and seemingly cheap. Take the time to investigate the convenience and health advantages of feeding a natural raw meat diet (the BARF DIET) and observe for yourself the change in the health of your pet- you will be glad you did.

posted by Rob Mueller

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