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Enzymes – Knowledge Is Power

I have written a new book on the newly discovered secrets of promoting animal health. Living enzymes and their catalysts (phyto-nutrients) are the secrets to explaining the reason why natural raw meat based foods are superior to heat processed dry grain based dog food. It is important to gain an understanding of the basic areas that are dependent on enzyme function in order to operate efficiently. The body has three major kinds of natural enzymes. One type functions to help in the breakdown and digestion of foods in the mouth, stomach, pancreas, and intestines. Next are the cellular enzymes that help the blood and organs metabolize and process waste. The third type are the antioxidants that also operate on a cellular level, that keeps cells from the oxidation process that we recognize as aging and degenerative disease. I call it the nutrition advantage- that is suggesting to feed your pet a natural diet rich in raw foods. Uncooked food, especially meat and vegetables are brimming with enzymes, so much so that as it breaks down in the digestive tract, the enzymes actually help to digest the food they’re in. Getting the right living enzymes into the digestive process is a critical improvement over feeding heat processed diets that destroy these precious living enzymes. By making these enzymes available for the digestion process and contained in the food, it makes available the needed metabolic enzymes and creates far less stress on the pancreas. This could be one of the most important ways to stall the aging process.

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  1. Enzymes are sooo important and I am glad that you emphasize their necessity and educate on the subject. In fact, I have taken the next step from supplying my dogs with enzymatic rich foods (a raw diet) to taking enzyme supplements and eating raw fruits and vegetables myself!!!

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