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Chronic Itching in Dogs


Hyperadrenocorticism most commonly occurs due to excessive adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) output from the pituitary gland or overproduction of cortisol by an adrenocortical tumor. It can also be caused by the administration of pharmacological doses of glucocorticoids. These are dogs with chronic pruritic (itching) problems of the skin. One of the noticeable signs of this disorder is increased body size. It is most commonly seen in middle-aged and older dogs. This disease can be found with cats but it is a rare occurrence. True obesity occurs in about 50% of the cases. It is really helpful to put the animal on a natural raw food diet, and start a proper detoxification program.

Again a benefit is derived from the use of natural raw food diets.

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  1. Karen

    Articles keep referring to starting the raw food diet AND start a proper detoxification program. What is a proper detoxification program for a 9 yr old lab?

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