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Water The Unknown Facts

Published on June 2, 2008 by in Health

Water that is not in raw food has no active ions, electrolytes ,nor minerals bound with nutrients. It must have all three properties or it is only 10% cellularly utilizable. Contrary to many opinions, water leeches nutrients from the blood and intestines, and dilutes digestive juices so that when your pet eats the food, it does not digest or assimilate the food properly or efficiently. The leeching causes wastes to embed in the tissues rather than being discarded from the body.

It is a false notion that water nurtures and hydrates tissue. In fact, water dries the cells while it bloats the body because 90% of it circulates in the blood serum without cellular absorption. Water is never a good replacement for body fluids spent during evaporation/perspiration because cells cannot absorb it. Only water that is nutrient bound in food properly replaces fluids. Knowing this fact makes it even more logical to have an animal gain their water requirements from a raw food diet that contains over 70% moisture. (Compare the water content to a dry kibble diet that has an 8-10% moisture level.) Raw meat diets contain from 55% to 90% water that is 92-100% cellularly utilizable. Dehydration is impossible on the raw food diet when water is not consumed.

The popularity of humans drinking vast quantities of water also disintegrates the human body, causing frequent urination, weigh-loss in many people and bloating in many others.

Lesson of the day – our bodies and that of our pets need to get their water requirements from the foods that are consumed each day.

posted by Rob Mueller

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  1. Rob, Thanks for this interesting article on the role in water in the food for dogs. This info is contradictory from most of what we believe about water today.

  2. Hi Lindsey,
    The information that I presented is contrary to what most people have been taught. Knowing this information will help to see the benefits of feeding a raw natural meat diet that provides over 70% moisture compared to feeding kibble that is only 10% moisture.
    The kibble fed dog is always in a constant state of dehydration.
    hope this information helps you to make the right food choices.

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