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Effects Of Dehydration


We all know that there are benefits derived from the supplementation of vitamins because of the dramatic reduction of nutrients in the soil of commercially produced food. The typical American diet does not provide us with enough essential vitamins. Two very important and needed vitamins are the C and B complex vitamins. They are both water soluble vitamins and they are both rapidly excreted from the body and they must be replenished daily. Water becomes an important element in the rehydration process.

I have reported earlier that water, that is not obtained from raw food, and has no active ions, electrolytes, or minerals bound with nutrients will only be 10% cellularly utilizable. Water must have all three of these properties in order to be absorbed properly. Water doesn’t hydrate tissues, in fact, water dries the cells and bloats the body because 90% of it circulates in the blood serum without cellular absorption. This is also true with cooked food. Processed kibble diets do not allow for the proper absorption of water into the cells. It causes the pet to be in a constant state of de-hydration. Without the proper re-hydration, the body doesn’t function properly to detoxify the system. Processed kibble diets contain approximately 10% water compared to a raw food diet that contains approximately 70% water. Water that is contained in the food will re-hydrate the cells efficiently and tend to function much better to help detoxify the body of unwanted waste and toxins. Water is the critical element our pets can’t live without. I tend to believe that additional stresses on the internal organs are caused by this constant state of de-hydration. The kidneys have to work harder to handle the excretion of fluids and other organs such as the liver is asked to function more to filter and cleanse the body of poisons. The heart would be asked to work harder as well, to circulate the additional 90% of water in the blood serum.

Bottom line conclusion- FEED A RAW MEAT DIET – (the BARF DIET)- and eliminate the dangers of the dehydration process.

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