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Dogs Nutritional Need For Grains

Published on May 2, 2008 by in BARF, Health

The dry dog food companies would like to convince you that there is a definite need for grains. That is because that is what they use for a cheap ingredient source. It is used as a filler in dry dog and cat foods and there is no nutritional need for grains with either dogs or cats. In fact an animal that is diabetic should be warned against feeding a dry kibble diet because grains will exacerbate hyperglycemia. A good rule of thumb for those that are feeding dry dog and cat foods containing these fillers is that the total grain content should be no more than 10% of the total diet. I have advocated in the past that caution should be used when feeding a high carbohydrate source. Refined carbohydrates are the major cause of obesity and ill health in our pets. There are some grains that are highly nutritious but only if you follow the 10% rule can you get away with using them. We are noticing a much higher incidence of diabetes in pets and the high carbohydrate content is responsible for this increase. It isn’t any different in humans. Just look around and you can visibly see the results of carbohydrate overload. Even though humans are more able to process grain- we still exibit the same results from carbohydrate overload.

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