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Pet Food Future Trends

Published on April 28, 2008 by in BARF

I have recently attended the annual Pet Food Forum show in Chicago where the industry manufacturers and suppliers exchange interests. It is always interesting to see the many changes and new products that are introduced at this show. This year alone there were over 800 new treat products introduced for dogs and about 400 treats for cats. The market is exploding and interest has never been higher for new innovative products and natural foods. The Organic niche market and natural food diets have headed the list of new products. Consumers are concerned about ingredient quality and sourcing of ingredient materials- as well they should be. It has been a real wake up call for the industry in general to make sure that all trace-back programs and recall strategies are in place. More manufacturers are demanding ingredient certification and new regulations are being proposed to tighten labeling laws and being able to enforce the changes. I feel that in general it has been an eye opening experience to have such a vast recall happen and especially at the expense and demise of all the animals that were affected by the scare.The bottom line is that all pet food consumers have become far more vigilant regarding the food choices for their companion animals.

posted by Rob Mueller

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