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Dog Industry Trend Shifts

Published on April 24, 2008 by in BARF, Health

This week I am attending the Petfood Forum Industry show in Chicago. This show is attended by all pet food industry manufacturers and suppliers. This years show is truly different than the agendas that were covered last year. Last year we were thrown into the Menu Foods recall. It seems that the industry has benefitted from this experience even though it has been at the expense of the damages that resulted from that recall. The result is that most companies have taken a positive step to become more responsible for their ingredient choices and have developed recall strategies that will offer more complete trace-back systems in case of future problems. It has been a wake up call for the industry- one that was well needed. The average consumer has been educated and become more aware of the potential problems that exist with modern commercially produced kibble diets. There has been a major shift of confidence to new and improved diets both based on organic and natural ingredients. There has been a significant recent shift to raw foods thanks to increased public awareness.

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