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Raw Meat In Combination With Raw Fat

Raw fat is the most utilized nutrient in the body, especially in our toxic industrial world. It helps stabilize and relax the body markedly when in combination with raw meat. Fats help white blood cell production, assist microbial activity and provide for lubricants to accomplish a variety of functions. In addition, fats provide the greatest, strongest, and most efficient energy possible.

Before modern man encroached upon the native Eskimo populations, the natives consumed fat as 40-60% of their caloric intake. They did not suffer any heart maladies, as long as they ate their natural diet of raw meat and raw fat, absent of sugar and cooked starches.

Raw meat provides easily used proteins to build, rebuild, regenerate, and reproduce cells throughout the body. Raw meat is the only protein that facilitates nerve-tissue regeneration and cellular reproduction. Although all meats help regenerate every type of cell, particular raw meats more readily help the regeneration of certain types of cells. Red meat such as beef, buffalo, venison, lamb etc helps regenerate and develop most glandular tissue, blood and muscle. White meat such as chicken, turkey and other fowl, helps build and regenerate connective tissue, nerves, lymph, skin, and tissue in general.

Knowing that there is a definite difference of meats to accomplish different areas of regeneration is the sole reason for us recommending a VARIETY of meats to your animals. You will notice a much healthier pet once you have adopted this principle of feeding.

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