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BARF Diet Takes The Blame

Here is an interesting post I read on Paw Talk forum, a misdiagnosis.

Pleases pray for our puppy

“We found out our puppy has Parvo. he is fighting for his life at the vets. They first thought he had Salmonella because I use the BARF diet. Whn I took him to the vet last Friday morning, he was vomiting and had diarrhea. I had never had this vet before. When I told her I used the BARF diet. She was upset about that. She didn’t like that. But because of the diet she thought only about Salmonella. She did not test him for Parvo. She sent me home with some medicine and said if he gets worse bring him back in. We had taken a stool sample in with us. she had it checked for parasites, nothing else. So at 3:00 AM Sunday morning he started having bloody stools. We took him in as soon as we could get there. The vet on call took a 10 min Parvo test and it came back positive. So now he is fighting for his life. I am so upset with the first vet. I will never tell a vet that I use the BARF diet again. It clouds their decisions. I’m not new to the BARF diet I have used it for over 10 yrs. I’ve never had any dog get sick from it yet. And this puppy didn’t get sick from it either. I’m sorry, I just have to blow off steam. Please, everybody please pray for our puppy, Geronimo. We got him March 20th, but he is already part of our family. We don’t want to lose him. Dee”

posted by Rob Mueller

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