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Venus Fly Trap

Published on April 11, 2008 by in Health

An amazing article appeared in Natural Cancer Remedies that work written by Morton Walker, D.P.M. For those that are searching for alternative methods to relieve cancer symptoms and treatments, you might find his article on the juice from the venus fly trap interesting. The plant is an expert at trapping its own meals through a sensitive biological response process. The delicacy and complexity of this plant is one of nature’s wonders. The Venus Flytrap is a very rare plant that is native only to a tiny, swampy area in the vicinity of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is now grown commercially for its medicinal uses. The juicy liquids inside the plant’s mouth are capable of digesting animal and vegetable materials. However, they do not digest the plant itself. It is interesting that the plant is capable of distinguishing between harmful intruder organisms and its own materials. it somehow, is able to tell the difference between itself and something that was not itself. That is exactly what the immune system does. Could this be a prized plant based phyto-nutrient- that could be priceless to those suffering from cancer tumors and even microbial infections?

It has since been found that the nutrient can be used in conjunction with all known nontoxic cancer treatments. The purified juice contains no toxic excipients or fillers. It is a pure compound that is completely free of harmful pyrogens and endotoxins. The ingredients seem to work best when using them prior to the destructive radiation treatments or chemotherapy. This product has been investigated for the last 16 years and poses some very effective advantages for cancer treatment. I am not endorsing this product. I merely become fascinated with the natural remedies that are being used effectively and yet most people know so little about the effectiveness of these treatments. I suspect that a similar amount of effectiveness can be gained when using this treatment for animal cancers that have become a common scenario lately. Finding a treatment that is selective with cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue is an amazing break through in my eyes. I need more information on this treatment. I am appealing to anyone that has more knowledge and information on this topic to please contact me.

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