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Couch Potato Dogs

Published on April 11, 2008 by in Health

Not unlike the majority of humans, many of our companion pets live a sedentary style existence. Couch potato type pets have one thing in common-they become lethargic and over-weight. Recent surveys show that dogs have an obesity rate from 24% to 34% and the same percent for cats as well. It can be theorized that a sedentary lifestyle, along with overfeeding highly palatable high complex carbohydrate and energy-dense foods, may be responsible. We know that health problems are associated along with the added weight gains. Many problems can develop which include diabetes, glucose intolerance, cardiovascular disease, and orthopedic problems. Along with these conditions, surgery risk is higher, and post operative morbidity and mortality increases. A simple explanation of the cause of obesity is the fact that more energy is taken in than is expended. It is a fallacy that a low metabolism rate is the cause of obesity. We find that more weight is gained when any excess calories are provided by fat rather than by protein or carbohydrate sources. An important weight reducing tip is to lower the intake of fat and increasing the exercise, how many times have we heard this and yet we resist this advice. ADVICE OF THE DAY- Let your dog take you for a walk. it will create good health for both!

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