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New Food Technology

Published on April 3, 2008 by in Health

In our business as in several other businesses, new technology plays an important role. The recent animal food recalls and the most recent ground beef recall for human food has prompted additional concentration on food safety issues. A recent discovery is worth sharing this morning.

The government’s continued interest in solving the bacterial issues with our food supply has prompted new technology. They feel that microbes in our food supply are a chronic problem as we have seen with the E coli and Salmonella outbreaks in recent years. Though our country’s food supply remains safer than most, outbreaks still occur and they can be deadly.This makes new food safety developments especially welcome. I have recently read about a new technology that might soon provide an unusual and completely natural means of protecting certain foods, like meats. The new technology is called edible food films. They are similar to the new melt-in -your-mouth “paper” strips of breath fresheners. At Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus scientists have been working with polymers composed of food-based bioactive molecules derived from known antimicrobial plant and food extracts for food and food packaging. These bacteria-fighting polymers could not only guard against food-borne illness, but might also present an alternative to the antibiotics currently used to protect against the development of disease in meat-producing animals raised under crowded conditions. The hope is that all this might be helpful in the battle against the growing menace of drug-resistant bacteria.

For those that have read my previous blogs concerning the bacteria issues we face today I want to add that this new technology is a continued approach to try and control the pharmaceutical and agri-chemicals that fuel microbe-hysteria. The food industry wants pasteurization, chemical food washes, antibacterials and irradiation in order to obtain longer shelf lives and a reduction in spoilage. Soon we will not be allowed to buy any food that has not been completely adulterated.

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