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Key Differences Between Dogs And Cats

Both species are equally popular as pets but each have diverse nutritional needs.  Dogs can function more as omnivores than cats. Cats have remained as carnivores thought out their evolution. Cats cannot obtain their nutrients from plants and plant products and must consume some animal tissues in order to meet their needs for higher protein levels, taurine, arachidonic acid, and preformed vitamin A. Man has enhanced the ability for dogs to assimilate plant based foods because of the evolution of the kibble/grain based diets. I feel that the proper fuel for a dog however, is an animal based nutrient and one that has not been heat processed.  Thus, the popularity of the BARF DIET (BIOLOGICALLY APROPRIATE RAW FOOD) has become an appropriate feeding choice for people that are more concerned than ever to feed their precious animals properly. The key and secret to this way of feeding is because of the presence of the exogenous (contained in the food) enzymes in the raw food. Learn the secret to longevity and good health for humans as well as dogs and cats. Read my book- “Living Enzymes- the world’s best kept pet food secret” (send me a comment and I’ll give you the ebook free).

posted by Rob Mueller

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  1. I truly agree with what I see that you have shared with us. I have raw fed my two dogs since I bought them. I raised my first litter of Goldens on RMB’s and they are all georgous. I took one of the pups back (that didnt work out in the pet home) and changed him back over to raw and is as vibrant as ever!. Continue on with your work and I will also help to spread the word!

    Barbara Morgan
    Charlemagne Goldens
    Long Beach California

  2. Thanks barbara,
    It is comments like this that keep us going in our efforts to improve the health of all pets.
    Rob Mueller
    BARF World, Inc.

  3. Rheba Knox

    I have an 11 year old cat (Diversity). Recently a vet at Banfield Clinic, at PetSmart, diagnosed Diversity with diabetes. I am not convinced that she is diabetic. I found a holistic vet and she suggested I feed Diversity raw food instead of the Hills W/D and the Royal Canine Diabetic foods that the other vet prescribed. I have been feeding Diversity raw chicken, chicken liver and salmon. She absolutely LOVES the change in her diet. [This is the first time in the 11 years that I’ve had her that she has eaten raw foods.]
    I have added cooked string beans to her meat, but she eats around the beans.
    The holistic vet gave me your website and I just read through it. I am a little concerned that most of the information focuses on dogs and all of the pictures on the foods are of dogs.
    Are all of the foods appropriate for cats? As your articles acknowledges, cats and dogs do have different nutritional needs. Do you recommend certain foods/supplements for cats who are diabetic?
    I would like to prepare Diversity’s meals using the BARF minces, but I did not see where I could order the fruit and veggies minces???
    Which minces do you suggest I start with and, how much should I feed her? She weighs 11 lbs.
    I appreciate your assistance.

    ~Rheba Knox

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