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Constipation Issues In Dogs

Published on April 1, 2008 by in Health

This moring we had a customer compalining about constipation issues she was having with her dog. This is a possible issue that other customers may have so I am addressing the concern. One of the reasons that constipation is a possible concern is because our diets are so nutritionally complete that all that is left in the stool is ash and fiber. This tends to make the stool more firm and it reduces the amount and odor of the stool. If the dog is having a hard time eliminating and strains to deficate then it may require additional supplements to ease the condition. We suggest a variety of solutions. You can try some pumpkin, add more fiber to the diet with psyllium fiber, or add extra veggies and fruit. These various solutions can help to regulate the intestinal mobility and create a parastaltic movement that will ease the elimination process. If the condition worsens you can try also a mild laxative to get the action started. Once the system regulates it usually is a short lived complaint. If the lumbing stops completely then you will need to have your vet releive the pressure and get things flowing again. A bowel impaction is no doubt the reason for the blockage and will need medical intervention. At this stage it is a serious condition and is very painful for the pet.

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