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Gastrointestinal Disease Dogs And Cats

We receive several complaints regarding GI upset or gastrointestinal disease in dogs and cats. This seems to be an ever increasing condition and we try to assist customers in making changes to their pets diet to help correct the situation. Our general suggestions based upon current research and clinical studies suggest that diets should be highly digestible; contain single protein and carbohydrate sources, reduced fat,and an adjusted omega-6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio; and include a moderate amount of fiber. The carbohydrate source should be gluten free. We find that merely suggesting that the dog be converted to a raw food diet(BARF DIET), that we accomplish the same objective. Our recommendations to feed a raw food diet (Barf Diet) have reversed and cured thousands of pets with this condition. Allergies, skin conditions and gastrointestinal symptoms top the list of complaints that we receive each day. Our testimonials and success results have been outstanding and they become the reason why we are advocating a raw diet for these conditions. The results tell the story.

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