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Flaxseed For Dogs and Cats

Flax seed is one of the oldest ancient herbs and is one of the oldest continuously cultivated plants in history. It has been an excellent source of food, fiber and oil. It has commercial use for allergies and dry skin. Dogs accept flax seed oil readily, while cats seem to prefer crushed flax seeds or powder. Flaxseeds have been used for a number of inflammatory conditions ranging from allergies, colitis, autoimmune diseases, kidney disease, and cancers. There is no magic ingredients to good health but there are a number of ingredients that play an important part to good health. Essential fatty acids from a number of sources, especially flaxseeds create a magic environment for improved health. Other good sources of essential fatty acids include wild salmon, sardines, trout, halibut, deer,elk, milk and raw eggs. We use flax in our diets and feel that this is a key ingredient in supplying the essential fatty acid nutrients.

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  1. Flaxseed is indeed an excellent source of fatty acids, however these acids are inactive and must be converted by the body into ELA and DHA in order for it to have health benefits. There is great debate over whether a dog’s system has the enzymes needed (and in the necessary amounts) to convert the nutrients into active acids that can be absorbed. The reason for this debate is based on the rationale that a dog or cat’s system is not made to properly process plant materials, and perhaps would be better off getting ELA and DHA supplement via fish oil pills. Fish oil is full of Omega-3s that are already converted into ELA and DHA, and therefore are ready to be absorbed and do not need any conversion. And just as you mentioned… salmon, sardines and any oily fish (if supplemented whole, not in pill form) are an excellent source of the nutrient. I get my fish oil pill every night on my food… and it’s tasty!

    http://ieatrawmeat.blogspot.com/ (2.8.08 post is all about supplements)

  2. On my website I have links to scientific studies showing why cats can’t assimilate flax seed oil and other plant based nutrients. They have very little in the way of desaturase enzymes, for starters, that would be needed to break down flax seed in any form.

    Pat and all the boys.

  3. Hey There Rob Mueller,
    In addition to your post I was wondering Mochi’s house has 4 canine, and 3 feline family members (6 if you count the strays we feed).
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