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Venus Fly Trap

Published on March 13, 2008 by in Health

Every once in a while I run across an unusual story about a plant based product that claims amazing results. The product name is Carnivora. It is a patented extract of the Venus Fly Trap. It is available as the purified juice extracted from the rare plant by an exclusive, patented process. It contains no less than 17 compounds that affect various mechanisms of action in the body. This compound attacks and destroys every type of malignent cell. It is especially effective on primitive cancer tumor tissues. In 1973, Dr. Helmut Keller had become dissapointed with the horribly poisonous side effects of chemotherapy. It all started when he was in a flower shop and stood and observed how the fly trap plants were catching and digesting bugs.He had a hunch that whatever it was that enabled this plant to recognize and digest animal( insect) protein would also identify and digest primitive cells such as cancer tumor cells or infectious germs. The delicacy and complexity of this plant is one of nature’s wonders. The plant is in fact a rare plant, native only to a tiny, swampy area in the vacinity of Wilmington, NC. It is now grown commercially for its medicinal uses. A very interesting feature is that the flytrap could somehow tell the difference between itself and something that was not itself. And then it could devour the organism that was “not itself”.

That’s exactly what the human immune system does! His earliest discovery was that the flytrap juice extracted from the plant destroyed cancer cells in a test tube or petri dish. He then found that the juice eliminated cancer in hamsters. The result was the opposite of what the current cancer Chemotherapy treatment and radiation does for the patient. After 30 years of testing and treating about 15,000 patients, Dr Keller found the juicet to be a powerful modulator of the immune system that fortifies the body’s own defense agents and supports a stronger immune system. He found that this non-toxic agent works directly against a pathogen by blocking the synthesis of protein as well as by reducing the core energy level of ATP- a vital source of energy for the pathogen cell. And during the whole process not a single normal cell would come under attack.

Currently today it is thus used as an effective food supplement to strengthen the immune system. It is also used to reduce the risk of tumors and also protect you against a gamut of infectious diseases such as flu, hepatitis and herpes.

My question remains– why is it that the general public is not made aware of such potent and powerful anti-cancer agents? Could it be that our medical/ pharmaceutical industry would not want such information to be made public? I see the same scenario with the animal food industry. More and more education needs to be published outlining the potential dangers of heat processed food. My last 3 decades have been targeted on educating the public on the proper way to feed our pets. Even though the venus flytrap plant has been targeted for human cancer therapies- I have to question why it wouldn’t work for the many cancer cases we see our pets being exposed to.

posted by Rob Mueller

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