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Sugar Substitutes

Published on March 10, 2008 by in BARF, Health

Yesterday we discussed the white poison and the detrimental effects this refined bomb shell has on the body. The question we ask today is: Are the artificial sweeteners the way to go? Actually they are the way to GO WRONG!

Many people experience neurological problems- headaches, migraines, and attention and cognitive difficulties – after using these sweeteners. The sugar sweetener aspartame is particularly dangerous for those with a metabolic condition called PKU (phenylketonuria). In addition I have mentioned in an earlier blog about the drastic effect the sweeteners have on the pH and the amount of water it takes to neutralize just 1 can of artificially sweetened soda.

The basic lesson to be learned is that the least amount of artificial chemicals, and impurities that we let enter our bodies- the healthier we will be. Elimination of sugar leads to a more powerful immune system which in turn does it’s metabolic magic on the cells and operating systems. Once you realize the damage that sugar and sugar substitutes have on the pancreas, the teeth and bones, the digestive system and the immune system, you realize that this is one element to drastically reduce from your food sources. It amounts to choices again that makes the difference in how we feel each day. Remember that our pets don’t have choices but we do, and as their guardians we can make a difference in how they feel and perform as well.

posted by Rob Mueller

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