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Dogs And Wolves


In reviewing an article written by Dr. Ian Billinghurst in 2005, an interesting point was presented involving the origins of canine evolution. He pointed out that evidence clearly exists that point to dogs evolving from the wolf.

He also points out that dogs are dogs and wolves are wolves but an interesting twist is that both dogs and wolves will freely interbreed. Both species share more than 99% of their DNA and are able to produce viable offspring. His point in making this analogy was to show that the digestion physiology has not changed from that that was established some 15,000 years ago. So based on this fact a Cocker Spaniel is not a wolf but they do share a common digestive physiology. The type of breed makes no difference- all dog breeds have the same digestive physiology. So from the standpoint of basic physiology, there is no reason not to feed raw ( based on dentition and anatomy). Ian’s conclusion was that this could well be part of the explanation for the claimed health superiority that raw feeders make for their dogs.

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