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Barf Philosophy Like Swimming Up Stream

This week I subscribed to a medical newsletter put out by Dr. Bruce West. In his articles, I see a lot of the same degree of frustration that I have regarding advice for how to properly feed dogs and cats. His advice is many times contrary to main stream physician opinions yet he has over 30 years of clinical experience and has been repsonsible for thousands of turn-a-round cures based on his advice.

My 32 years of practical experience manufacturing and selling raw meat diets follow the same channel of scutiny and criticism as what he gets . We both are dancing to a different tune when trying to convince our clients on a better and more appropriate medical or feeding regimine. In his case- he fights the big money politics and profitability of the drug companies and the medical industry. In my case I fight the conventional marketing suggestions offered by the powerful and profitable dry food companies. In both cases, big money and power lobbyists are the factors preventing the spread of adequate and sound advice to clients that need the advice. Like Dr. West, I have spent a lifetime of effort in trying to spread the merits and advantages of raw feeding. I have faced the challenges of the dry food community and continue to follow the philosophy and beliefs that the raw feeding philosophy is a sound and appropriate approach to feeding and generating better health for our nations pets.

Like the salmon that finally make the grade and deposit their future offspring- Dr. West and I are swimming up stream in our efforts to spread our stories of health and vitality. He does it for the human population and I do it for the animal population. Those that are responsible for helping us to spread the raw feeding philosophy are who we call the BARF PIONEERS.

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