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Dog Omivore Or Carnivore?

Published on March 4, 2008 by in BARF

I find it very interesting that there is such different views regarding whether a dog is an omnivore or a carnivore. In order to gather an opinion for yourself you will need to have a definition of each classification.

A carnivore may or may not be an exclusive meat eater. Those which eat only meat are carnivores. Those that because of the lack of or the unavailability of carnivorous food have been able to adapt to a more omnivorous diet can function as omnivores. An omnivore is a classification that is capable of consuming and do consume both animal protein and vegetation. They are considered opportunistic feeders whereby they survive by eating what is available.

The interesting difference that seems to make the variation in how we classify a dog is summarized by the word CHOICE. I believe that the natural dog diet based on the dentition and anatomical structure of the dog is to say that they are carnivores. Because a dog has the ability to adapt to a omnivorous diet may classify them as omnivores. In the most recent 100 years, the dry dog food processors have selfishly convinced the public that a dog is best served by eating a dry, heat processed kibble or a canned version of a heat processed meal. I have to believe that the anatomy and the dentition of the animal relates most appropriately to the natural choice given the animal. Choice is the difference because in most cases we don’t give the dog a choice in what to eat. Therefore we force it to become an omnivore rather that the true classification it is designed to be. In comparing the classification to a human- once again it is a choice. The difference is that we have a choice to be an omnivore. We can and do function equally to eat animal and plant protein (even though our dentition and anatomical structure suggests differently). For the dog it boils down to the choices WE make for the diets they consume. Based on this analogy, we continue to believe that a proper philosophy is to feed a dog and cat what they were designed to eat. Thus a BARF DIET that is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

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