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Overly Processed Foods For Dogs

In general, the more a food is processed, the worse it is for the health of ourselves and our pets. There is yet another danger, even when we are dealing with organic food – that is the additives. Most of the food made available to both humans and even more so for pets have been chemically treated at different stages of production. Most commercially grown, processed foods, whether of animal or plant origin, have their appearance, texture, and nutritional value manipulated and transformed by a lot of chemical wizardry. These food additives can range from benign food coloring to highly dangerous preservatives which can contribute to the formation of cancer-causing toxins. Other chemicals used include: degerming agents, artificial flavorings, synthetic dyes, flavor enhancers,stabilizers, mold inhibitors, aging agents, preservatives, bleaches, emulsifiers, and conditioners. In reality, we and our pets are eating fake and adulterated foods that have been stripped of much nutritional value.

It is a fact that twenty-nine hundred food additives are currently available and being applied to our food supply. To cite an example of the dangers we face – the coal tar dyes are dangerous. When heated in the absence of air, coal is converted into coal gas and coal tar, which is a viscous black liquid. Ninety-five percent of synthetic colorings used in the U.S. are coal-tar derivitives. Studying labels will start you to realize how much in our foods are artificial. Words of wisdom – begin to eliminate any foods that contain flavoring agents, coloring agents or other additives. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient- don’t eat it.

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