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Why Raw Food Is Better!!

I’m very excited this morning! It is like discovering the fountain of youth. I think I have discovered WHY the raw food diets work better than processed foods. I wrote a book about finding the secret to improving health for our pets BUT the real secret was yet to be discovered.

I think this morning I have found the real reason why the raw food diet is more effective in reversing degenerative diseases- OR PREVENTING THESE DISEASES.

Let me explain-
We all know that the immune system is the foundation for good health. It’s primary function is to rid the body of all toxins- if it is given the proper fuel.  Science has determined that vitamins, minerals and enzymes play a vital role in our health. It is now discovered that phytochemicals are the 4th nutritional classification. They however, are somewhat different because they are not as easy to obtain. The phytochemicals are the real key to a complete nutrition program because they have special properties making them anti-aging, anti-disease, anti-fungal, and anti-virus. They are capable of fighting against cancer, regenerating lost organ function, and rejuvenating the skin to a more youthful appearance. Humans get diseases that wild animals don’t get because our diets are low in phytochemicals.

God has created a master healing device in each cell called phase 2 enzymes. This process enables any cell to detoxify itself from chemical waste and toxins, however the phase 2 enzyme process is only possible when stimulated by phytochemicals. The phytochemicals act as spark plugs or keys that fit into the cell receptors. They are the keys that start the rocket engines.

Phase 2 enzymes are super critical to fighting cancer and other auto immune disorders. The rapidly spreading epidemic of autoimmune related diseases is due to lack of phytochemicals. Where are the phytochemicals? THEY ARE HIDING IN ALL THE PARTS OF THE FOOD THAT MOST PEOPLE THROW AWAY.- the rinds, stems, seeds, skins etc. The phytochemicals are locked inside the cellulose fiber.

Using a juicer is a weak attempt to harness phytochemicals because all the fiber/pulp that gets thrown away is exactly where God has put all the medicine. We are supposed to eat whole foods. Studies on people that have the longest history of longevity have discovered that intense chewing of the foods has provided the maximum amount of phytochemicals and thus have created the longevity and good health.

It is amazing that the apple has over 385 different phytochemicals contained inside 1 apple.

The main focus of fighting any disease is cleansing the blood. There is a war going on inside the bloodstream between the bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and other entities. Cleansing the blood allows us to get at the root cause of the disease and therefore prevent it from the source. Only when the blood is cleansed can we be assured of a healthy life. There are two easy ways to cleanse the blood- through exercise and eating a high content phytochemical diet. In theory- supply your body with a special high dose of phytochemicals for 4 months and you will completely cleanse the blood. – BLOOD CLEANSING IS THE KEY TO REVERSING ALL DISEASES. A high phytochemical diet is the single easiest and fastest way to achieve this.
THEN THE BELL RANG IN MY HEAD! THIS IS IT! This is the reason why our pet food diets do better than kibble and why they are able to reverse many degenerative conditions. I have been doing this for 32 years but until this moment I have not been able to tell anyone why or how it works. I’m convinced that this is the reason why it works. Our diets are loaded with high levels of phytochemicals that have not been destroyed by heat and they are the activators to the phase 2 enzymes that do the cellular magic. 

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