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Dog Immune System Destruction

Published on February 4, 2008 by in BARF

Cancer, Dogs, and Humans

This week my wife and I visited some really good friends of ours in Indiana. Our friend’s daughter is 39 years old has just been diagnosed with rectal cancer. It is a very rare strain of cancer and it is a fast spreading variety.  After many sessions with the medical staff and after a visit to a cancer institute in New York it was suggested that chemotherapy and radiation would be the course of treatment. We all know the end results from such a devastating blow to the immune system. After 7 treatments the white blood cell count was reduced to zero. She couldn’t continue to receive further treatments until the white cell count was elevated to have any chance of fighting off an infection. After resting and giving the body a chance to heal they will initiate another round of 7 chemo and radiation treatments. I have to wonder whether or not the cure is worse than the disease. The radiation and chemotherapy has damaged the kidneys and other organs are bound to be affected. In an effort to help with the ordeal, I have uncovered a new discovery that may well change the course of their treatment. I have found an article that suggests that giving insulin along with a much reduced amount of chemotherapy will significantly reduce the side effects and eliminate the tissue damage from the regular treatments. Anyone suffering from a similar experience may want to review my findings and request additional information from me. I would be happy to document the scientific evidence to support this procedure. In cases like this we all need to investigate all possibilities to eliminate the devastation of the chemo and radiation effects.

The treatment is not any different for our pets. When cancer strikes it seems that we only have devastation treatments to try and eliminate the disease. What if such a simple discovery could alter the course of treatment for humans and pets alike. It will be interesting to me to see how the medical team reacts to my newest discovery. I am told that there are 100 holistic doctors that are currently using this approach in the USA with fantastic results.

Fingers are crossed with new added hope for her recovery.

posted by Rob Mueller

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