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Which Is Better Dog Food – Organic Or Commercially Grown Foods

Published on February 1, 2008 by in BARF

Every day we hear more and more people being concerned about the commercially grown foods.  More people with this concern are turning to organically grown food. Due to the ever-growing presence of toxins in the environment, more people are opting for organic sources. In  addition the soils are being depleted of valuable nutrients and the application of artificial fertilizers are impacting the nutrient levels of the food. Many debate whether or not organically  grown food is more nutritious.  In making the comparisons, many variables need to be considered.

The soils across the country offer different mineral levels. A conclusion however, has been established that organically grown foods do contain about twice the mineral content of commercially  grown food. For this reason and for reasons of perceived quality more and more people are converting to organic food supplies. We see the same concern starting to happen with dog food as well. Pets have become  prominent family members and as such are being fed more appropriately. The book is out yet as to  whether or not they will continue to pay the price for this luxury.

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