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Dog Needs For Micronutrient Supplementation

Published on January 29, 2008 by in BARF

What is a micronutrient? It is defined as a dietary element essential only in small quantities. As a supplier of raw food diets we find it difficult to discover the range and quantity of micronutrients in the food. Trying to find out the range and quantity of the micronutrients is close to impossible because heating or solvent extracting affects the structure and quantity of the complex biochemical’s. Micronutrient deficiencies exert subtle and long-term effects which are hard to detect. An animal may continue to live and breed but perhaps at sub-optimum level.

In the final analysis- nutrients, whether macro or micro, need to be raw. Only then may the animal enjoy appropriate good health. This is the basis for our total raw food philosophy and we have seen the results of feeding this way for centuries- long before the advent of grain-based dry kibble food. Dry food manufacturers are reluctant to supplement any micronutrients to their formulations. Consequently, possible micronutrient shortages are bound to appear with continued use of a micronutrient deficient product. Solution- FEED RAW!

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