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Dog Vomiting And Diarrhea From Eating Raw Diets

We have all experienced bouts of diarrhea and vomiting with our animals. Carnivores in general readily vomit food and most pets have suffered from an occasional bout of diarrhea. Depending on whether or not the occurrences are severe or not or frequent, there is really no need for immediate concern. Allergies can play a part in the occurrence of diarrhea or vomiting. In Chinese medicine they recommend a cooler meat such as turkey or rabbit to cool off the G.I. track.Use of beef or chicken should be temporarily switched to the cooler meat sources to calm down the system. Another possibility for the upset could be that the intestinal microbes are slow to adapt to the natural raw food. In cases like this I always recommend the use of additional kifer or similar probiotic formula (soon to be offered E-BARF PLUS our new and improved BARF Plus) to help regulate the intestinal flora. Diarrhea commonly occurs in dogs and cats. If the problem persists, or if the stool becomes bloody then an alternative food source must be found.

An additional cause of diarrhea could develop from the ingestion of potentially harmful bacteria such as Salmonella or Campylobacter. Both of these bacteria occur commonly in dogs and cats. Usually the animals are free of signs of disease but may suffer from diarrhea. In contrast to humans, exposure to these same bacteria can lead to acute diarrhea and even death. The reason for the difference in how it affects each species is the fact that the acid barrier in the stomach of carnivores appears to provide adequate protection against food-borne pathogens for the immunologically competent dog or cat.

Cooking the meat would reduce the potential risk to a negligible level. Cooking thus becomes a decision based on risk vs

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  1. Apart from the one-off episodes of sickness in dogs or cats, vomiting and/or diarrhea should alert pet owners and take action. It is a hygiene concern to have sick pets living in the same household. Human health is indeed endangered, if E.Coli, Salmonella or Campylobacter spp and many more pathogens and parasites lurk around in shared living spaces. Probiotics can help a lot to bring a healthy gut flora into a healthy balance again, but a proper veterinary diagnose and elimination of dangerous pathogens via an effective treatment plan and monitoring is crucial.
    Or would you want to be invited to a barbeque with friends and ending up with a Salmonella infection, just because the host’s dog that is latent infected with this pathogen was around and, of course, you touched him while eating your steak and forgot to wash hands?

  2. Susan Ortiz

    I have 2 toy poodles (both are male). The 2 year old has no problem at all with going to the bathroom but my 4 year old (Tobey) always had had problems (diarrhea). I’ve tried many different diets but nothing seems to work so now they are presently on an all raw diet and have been for several months. I incorporate Bone Meal, Barf’s green product (kelp and alfalfa), and Barf’s probiotics with the raw meat but Tobey still experiences diarrhea. They are fed either the chub of lamb combination raw, chicken combination raw, or beef combination raw along with raw chicken necks which they just love. I tried venison and rabbit and Tobey did worse on those. Lamb was the best but it’s kind of fattening and my 2 year old tends to gain weight. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  3. It is always difficult trying to diagnose a condition when the food you are feeding your dog is from another supplier or if you are home feeding. We have really good results when customers switch to our diets and follow our feeding suggestions. If you would like to consult with me privately in hopes of improving your dogs problem please call the office at 1-866-282-2273 and they will set up an appointment with me.

  4. christina

    We have a 9-month old white English Bulldog and an 11-month old Shih Tzu. The Bulldog has had runny stool since day one. Our trainer, who has a Boston Terrier, suggested organic pumpkin from a can. Her dog also suffered from runny stool all its life. It is sold for dogs, but you can also use the kind sold for pies (just make sure it is pure pumpkin and no other ingredients). The pumpkin worked immediately and the stool became solid. Once we changed the diet to raw, we continued to include pumpkin, and the stool is not only smaller, but as firm as ever! The pumpkin was a really what helped the Bulldog.

  5. christina

    I suppose I should have indicated “how much” pumpkin we use per meal. For the Bulldog, we mix about a tablespoon and a half into the food, for each meal. After the Shih Tzu finishes her meal, we put about a small spoonfull into her dish. Both dogs love the pumpkin, and it’s healthy.

  6. Ronnie

    I recently began a raw diet for my dog. She suffered from allergies something awful, and was always at the vet because of her old diet. She has always been a picky eater, and won’t touch raw veggies in any form. We use supplements to make up for this. Her stools have been firm and have no smell at all, until today, and it was runny just like they used to be. I appreciate the tip on pumpkin and will try it starting today and see how it goes…….Ronnie

  7. Ronnie

    Amen to the pumpkin for my little Brandy. It works like a miracle, and with only one teaspoon full !!!!! This morning all was well and firm again. You can bet the next time I have a problem, I will be headed for the pumpkin 🙂

  8. Janine

    My dog has been on a raw diet now for two weeks. We had started with both chicken legs and thighs and venison. The venison made his stool very dark because of the blood content, so we cut back to just chicken. He seemed to be doing fine for this week and then last night he had explosive diarrhea and threw up his dinner in the middle of the night. This morning he got up and passed more formed stool, but still very soft. Should we limit the amount of skin and fat he eats compared to the muscle? Legs and thighs seem to have a lot more than breast meat. Thanks for any help and I will go buy some pumpkin for his meal time too.

  9. Lorah

    I have a four month old lab X and am in the process of moving him off of kibble and onto the raw food diet. Over the past week he was having increasing diarrhea on and of and after reading this blog I switched his meals from having a little kibble with a little raw, with one meal of kibble, one meal of raw. What a difference! I feel a little guilty for putting his system under that stress but I highly recommend that owners do not feed raw and kibble at the same time.

  10. james

    Hey i have a Cane Corso puppy i imported from Europe. He’s been on raw diet since the day i got him, The first month hes was fine eats 10 percent of his body weight and still wants more, but recently hes been puking brown liquid with chunks of bones from the chicken back.Ive had him since January 11 and this past week and a half hes been puking all over the house carpets. he acts normal doesn’t show signs of anything just a normal playful puppy that pukes what should i do

    • Hello James,
      Thank you for your question. Would like to have a telephone conversation with you to try to uncover what the real problem is. I suspect that you are feeding the dog too much food. That is the usual reason for the vomiting. I would be happy to talk with you further. If you would like to talk over the phone, please send me your phone number.

    • lisa

      Hi rule of thumb @5 of the dogs body weight is ideal if your trying to put weight on him 3% of body weight

  11. carolann perry

    I have a cock-a-poo and a peek-a-poo 5 years old. I just began to switch to raw. I’ve been giving the cock-a-poo frozen chicken thighs and he’s doing well. The peek-a-poo is having diarrhea for 3 days now. I am resting her track right now for 24 hrs. What do I do from here? My trainer said to try thawing the chicken? Frozen may be too much for her? I will try some pumkin also Thanks for any responses for suggestions!

    • Hi Carolann,
      We recommend E-BARF Plus powder mixed in to food to help build the intestinal flora and minimill digestive upset and detox symptoms. We also recommending a slow switch to raw. Please read our previous blog “Making the Switch To Better Nutrition” for detailed instructions on how to do this.

  12. Sky

    I have a Belgium Malinois 4 month old puppy. He has been on raw diet since birth but is under weight. I’ve tried increasing the amount of raw I feed but that hasn’t helped. My vet wants him on a high quality kibble and I want to continue him on raw also. He doesn’t eat his kibble and I was wondering can I mix kibble with raw? I’ve heard you shouldn’t mix both because of the way it breaks down, but I he won’t eat it other wise.

    • Puppies need to eat three times as much as an adult dog (about 6% of their body weight) so if increasing the food allotment is not working it sounds like you’re not balancing the diet properly. In this case, we would recommend you try our complete and balanced pre-made patties at least until the dog’s weight is back on track. If you’re going to feed kibble, make sure NOT to mix in raw as each diet has a separate digestive requirement and can upset the dog’s stomach if mixed. Best to do one meal raw in am and one meal of kibble in PM. We also recommend E-BARF Plus supplement because it will help your puppy fully utilize the nutrients in his food (especially if being fed kibble) and help with weight management.

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  14. This is a good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

  15. Greetings! Very helpfull advice in this particular
    article! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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