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Dog Kidney Disease

Readers of my blogs may find it interesting to see what our clients and animal guardians have the most concerns about.  I like to write about subjects that demand the most attention.  Recently the questions have been about kidney disease and the use of high protein diets for renal diseased animals.  For the last 50 years there has been a “Protein Diet Controversy “. The controversy has existed in both human and veterinary medicine. The reason for the controversy is that there is no scientific evidence to support the accepted as a form of nutritional management for animals with reduced renal function. Recent studies have supported the fact that patients fed a higher then normal protein diet tend to have enhanced feeling of well-being and tend to be more palatable.

My recommendations for clients that are concerned about feeding a high protein diet to their renal diseased animal is that it is more important for them to maintain the energy requirements and have that carry a higher priority than to reduce the protein levels.   Reduction of protein then requires the body to break down endogenous proteins (produced from within the body) to provide a source of energy.  Pets with Chronic Renal Failure in my opinion, must be fed a raw food meat diet. They need and deserve to eat anything they find palatable.  Research has clearly shown that the concept of increased workload, protein intake causing injury to the kidneys, and reduced protein intake slowing the progression of renal disease are INCORRECT.

posted by Rob Mueller

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  2. GHlover

    Could you expand on your argument? The link you posted above does not support your claims – the Fosters and Smith site states clearly that dogs with kidney disease should be fed a low protein diet. The only ‘controversy’ on that page you linked to relates to puppies and protein feed, a different issue to kidney disease.

    Is there any research to show low protein diets don’t work? Have you done any research on the BARF diet in dogs with kidney disease? It appears from this post that you may have but I can’t find any on your site.

  3. Lindsey

    My 3 1/2 year old English Bulldog has gone through kidney failure a while back and has since been on KD wet & dry food recommended by his veternarian. It seems to be helping with his kidneys, hasn’t had any problems like that since but with or without the KD dog food he has obvious skin issues; itching to the point he grinds his body and face on the chain link fence, hair loss, sores, ear infections and so on. This happens year round and is worse certain parts of the season. I want to try him on the BARF diet but I’m afraid that yes it may help & improve his skin allergies but will this affect or worsen his kidney problems? The last thing he or I need is more medical problems.

  4. Hi Lindsey,
    My answer to your question is the same as what I have posted in my article. In my opinion your dog would be better off with the raw meat diet. Hope your dog’s health improves as a result of the switch.

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